Chicago Steppin’ is tradition, history, art, culture, lifestyle, community, entertainment, music, fashion, fun, unity, and much more packaged in the form of an energetic and dynamic dance.The Dance: Chicago Steppin’ is quickly becoming one of the most popular urban dance forms throughout the United States. This smooth and graceful eight count dance has a universal appeal which is becoming a household name in many African American communities.


The History: Chicago Steppin’ originated in Chicago's African American communities during the 1950's and 1960's. It evolved from various dances such as the Bop, Jitterbug, Cakewalk, and other dances which utilize striding, gliding, dipping, and bopping to African American big band's music. Chicago Steppin’ is not just a dance, but an art form, some would say it is “a way of life.” Chicagoans take “their” dance very seriously. Seeking to maintain the dance culture, fidelity to the structure of the dance and a passion for the dance, engendered through becoming one with the music through steps of grace & swagger.


The Expression: Chicago Steppin’ is an essential and important part of African American history. It is embodied in the traditions of Jazz, Blues, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop and other art forms birthed in Chicago. It is movement intertwined with music giving expression to the experience of an urban people birthed out of the Great Migration.


The Grace & Swagger: Chicago Steppin’ is marriage and communication personified through dance. It should be preserved, revered, and respected as history, art, and honored because of its longevity. This beautiful dance is filled with flair, drama, style, dress, music, excitement, unity, partnership, communication; but is more than all of those things - it is HISTORY.


We challenge you to experience it to understand it. Come see what the hype is about. Be warned! It is highly contagious and addictive; but good for your emotional and physical health. Put simply, it is good for your SOUL.Get Your Step On!


**Information compiled and paraphrased by Dan Land of Steppers Express. **

History: What is Chicago Steppin'?