Hernandez Williams

 Co-Founder and Lead Instructor

Hernandez was introduced to Chicago Steppin’ in 2006.  Before moving to Vancouver, WA, Hernandez worked with various instructors in the Seattle, WA area; and with nationally known Master instructors.


The rhythm of the dance, friendships and fun drew him in, and he was hooked on Steppin’.  He has been sharing the dance with the Portland, OR community since 2012. 


One of his joys is to see students “catch the Steppin’ fever” and grow in their understanding of the dance.  Students appreciate his commitment and dedication to helping them grow in their skills as Chicago Steppers.

Denise Johnson

Co-Founder and Lead Instructor

Denise caught the Steppin’ fever in 2010, and has been instructing since 2012.  Her early dance training, personal fitness trainer and group exercise certifications, coupled with ongoing dance training provides Denise with the skills to patiently guide and instruct her dance students. 


She has received instruction from several female and male Chicago Steppin’ Master Instructors (the majority of whom have competed in, and won “The World’s Largest Steppers’ Contest” held annually in Chicago, Il). 


Always a student, Denise strives to approach this African American art form with humility; holding the perspective of “the more you learn about Chicago Steppin’, the more you recognize you have more to learn.”  She encourages her students to approach their Steppin’ journey in the same manner.

Keith Hubbard

Master Chicago Steppin’ Instructor,

DJ and Event Promotor

Keith Hubbard, “The Navigator”, has over 35+ years of Chicago Steppin’ knowledge and skill. His is also affectionately known as “the Communicator” by his Portland, Oregon Chicago Steppin’ family.


 With a teacher’s heart, he shares with GHS students the unique style, grace and techniques of this cultural art form.  His communication and teaching style inspire GHS students to respect the dance and its culture, while growing in their love for a dance that is sweeping the entire nation.


GHS is honored to have Keith as their monthly Master Instructor.  While in Portland, Keith teaches the Advance Beginners and Intermediates.  He also conducts a unique Chicago Steppin’ Boot Camp and provides private lessons.